Friday, 24 May 2013

Similarities Between White Plight and Wildcat Endangerment

It is undoubtedly "racist" to note and differentiate between race and nationality on a genetic basis when it comes to the Homosapien species, but it seems when the same definitions apply to wildlife it is quite acceptable to speak of the preserving of the purity a particular genotype.
Recently it has been reported that the Scottish Wildcat has as little as two years before they are effectively wiped out of existence, mainly through interbreeding with breeds of domestic Cats, and there is an effort amongst conservationists to save the Wildcat from extinction. A noble cause indeed.

The original article about the Wildcat can be found here.

So I presume there will be those who read this and wonder how does the European people come into a story about Wildcat extinction. Well the strange thing is that there are many aspects of this which echo the plight of the indigenous peoples of Europe, except most liberals will fail to see this or will straight out contradict the truths of science over political correctness.

It is a well documented fact that the White Europeans will become a minority in much of Europe before the end of this century, and probably cease to exist at all in the next two or three centuries. The same of course probably applies to many other groups of people who are either emigrating out of an area, or who are also receiving large numbers of migrants themselves. This is just one of the many negative effects of globalisation. Needless to say however that it is predominately white nations to which most of the Third World and Middle East currently flock to.

So where does the Wildcat analogy come in?

That is simple. There is a fine line between race and species. To say that a white man and a black man are completely equal is an insult to nature and its ability to adapt to its environment. It should not be racist to say that generally speaking, Africans can run faster than Europeans, or that Europeans can swim faster than Africans, or that generally speaking those from the Far East have greater IQ's than those from the rest of the world. Yes, they are stereotypes, but stereotypes can only exist after a realisation of trends. There are intrinsically different physical and biological differences between us documented by simple analysis of the world around us and common sense.

The liberals 'perfect family'.
So, taking this on board there is no difference biologically speaking with the plight of the Scottish Wildcat being bred out of existence by invading domestic cats and white Europeans being outbred by Muslims who have three times as many children, or by the mainstream media which puts out the message that mixed race families are superior or some sort of fashion statement.

Why is it therefore acceptable to say to 'racists' that race is simply a social construct, that it doesn't exist, that the 'melting pot' is a good thing, when there is clearly a desire and noble cause to save sub-species such as the Wildcat from extinction. Despite what this BBC article has said the Wildcat population will live on in the genes passed on to its young when interbreeding with domestic cats, so why this concern for these wild animals, and not the concern for the European man and woman which like the Wildcat is facing utter destruction at the hands of encroachment into its home environment.

But of course, I'm just a racist Wildcat supremacist...