Monday, 25 March 2013

Bio-Diesel: Stealing?

As per usual the BBC is running its state propaganda again denouncing anyone who dares avoid paying extortion, I mean fuel duty, to the Government. This time its all about vegetable oil and its growing use as bio-diesel for certain vehicles which are capable of using it. 

Check out the article here:

Cars like this old Astra can run on SVO with no problems. 

Allegedly people are going around the backs of restaurants stealing waste veg oil (WVO) to filter, clean and then use in their own vehicles or will sell onto a company which does professional refinement for use as bio-diesel. Whilst I do not deny that this is probably happening due in part to the Governments insane policy of not cutting fuel duty despite its current crippling effect on the national economy, the way this article is written clearly plays into the Governments hands.

As the article does state, it is completely legal for anyone to create or use up to 2500 litres of SVO or WVO (Straight Veg Oil/Waste Veg Oil) every year, but since it is completely impossible to prove when you have exceeded that amount, my spider sense is telling me that this loop hole is about to close.

Lets take into consideration the articles claims that upto £25 million of tax is being taken away from fuel duty every year. 

For a start, this figure comes from a private company called 'Olleco', which profits from the collection of waste oil into diesel on an industrial scale. Lets just think about that for a second. The BBC has willingly aided the Government by trying to evoke a public reaction against this, but they have also aided a private company by spreading figures which could quite easily be plucked from the ether. It is in this private organisation's best interests to get private use of bio-diesel production banned so that it can have a monopoly. 

Call me a cynic, but the fact that Olleco are creating reports like this suggests that they have friends somewhere who will listen.

 But regardless, lets just say that for the sake of argument that £25 million is correct, and that the treasury is having some revenue cut from this 'illicit bootlegging' of fuel.
The current debt is just over 1 trillion pounds. (  Every hour that debt goes up by millions. The UK elite have been so careless that if each British person had to pay their share it would equal around £18,000 each. So why does £25 million matter, in the grand scheme of things? In fact, why bother with taxes at all, its not as if we are ever going to be able to pay this off with taxes anyway because there isn't enough money in circulation to do that.

So should the public be outraged, which seems to be the intention of the article? Or should we accept that fuel is far too expensive, and should be cheaper to begin with?
The Government are robbing us blind, 80p a litre of the £1.40 odd we pay for diesel goes to the treasury. That tax stops businesses from being able to function as they could, it prevents families from doing leisure activities or spending money with local companies, it creates inflation across the whole economy and pushes hundreds of thousands out of work. 

Who are the real criminals here? Individuals trying to survive, or a corrupt bunch of cunts sitting in Westminster?

 For more info on using veg oil, just look on the net, there is thousands of sites and it is becoming more and more popular. Just the other week in fact I had a forum I signed up to last year ask for small financial contribution because the forum was getting too many hits a month.

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