Sunday, 14 April 2013

Google Calls For Drone Regulation

I've just about had it with Google. This corporation which, like Facebook, data mines everything about a person and steals passwords and information from unsecured wireless networks (and gets away with it relatively Scott free) is now making demands that the general public be prevented from owning drones (RC Planes with cameras on, essentially.) Yes, that's right. A corporation which takes aerial photos of your garden without your permission and makes them accessible on the internet, not to mention Google street view, doesn't want you to be able to fly a small aircraft around over your neighbors in case it breaches someones privacy. He also warns the technology could be used by 'terrorists' (read resistance cells against the coming fully autonomous military.) You couldn't make this shit up!

Here is the main story:

So here is a small bit of light reading to find out just how privacy sensitive Google really is:

Concern about Google's data mining:

Google fined £7m for collecting information from wireless networks:

For fucks sake, Google doesn't even allow you to use a fake name for your Google+ account for bizarre reasoning which you know is bullshit.
Planes such as this are typical of the home made
FPV RC planes in existence.

So in this latest Google corporate fuck over, Google chief Eric Schmidt is calling for Governments to regulate ownership of devices which could be used as drones. If you are unaware, in the last few years civilian ownership of remote control planes and helicopters that are flown through cameras in real time (so essentially you feel as though you are really flying) are becoming very popular. They are used for multiple different purposes from aerial photographers to sheep farmers looking for lost sheep, and they are relatively cheap and easy to make with materials found online.

I wrote an article on this last year:

In the above article I highlighted some of the practical uses they could be put to, and it seems I'm not the only one to have considered this. They could be used to fly over protests to film the police to ensure civil liberties are not breached and fly reconnaissance in a SHTF situation for defence or hunting. Put bluntly, they don't want any 'terrorist' (read freedom fighter) from having any upper hand on the forces set against us.

 This has nothing to do with privacy, and everything to prevent the tool being used in a uprising.

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