Sunday, 26 August 2012


So after a long time of meaning to begin writing again, I've finally put metaphorical pen to paper and got my arse into gear. A new blog has been born, a blog which hopefully won't dry up and blow away in the wind like my past attempts have, but onwards and upwards as they say.

You may be questioning what sort of things might be written about here, as the title leaves apsolutely no clue as to what the subject matter may entail. Well, I guess that is because there is no real set subject matter here. Generally speaking it will highlight stupidity, corruption and general tardness of our political and economic systems. It will also give some pretty interesting history lessons, research into the paranormal, technology news, conspiracy theories (although I think you'll find these to be the tame end of the morass of internet conspiracy theories) and survivalism.

Im also going to be getting back into the 'Pen Crusade'. Something which I did in a previous blog where I essentially got information out of Government workers and pissed them off in the process. I gave up thinking this was a good use of time but after I wrote a massive article on UK Aid money with all the statistics only for it to come up three months later in all the major papers Im convinced this is what epic is made of.

Aside from all this seriousness, I will also be sploshing in a modicum of hilarity with the use of trololols and memes.

If these things interest you, then come back in a week or so, I should have things rolling along quite nicely by then.

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