Thursday, 21 February 2013

Police Airsoft Guns

It is well known that the UK has probably the most draconian and over the top gun laws in the 'free' world bar none, but few will know of just how far this extends. For those of you who aren't aware, in the UK airsoft guns which usually fall under 'realistic imitation firearms' are all but off limits except to people who are members of airsoft clubs or sites.

Back a few years ago the UK Government wanted an outright ban on airsoft guns in general because of the issues involving armed police not being able to use common sense in situations when kids were found plinking in the local park.

Let kids be kids for fucks sake!

Here is a link to a pretty awful leaflet which is available in Thames Valley which addresses parents with this issue.

It is shocking that children these days are not allowed to be kids, back a few decades ago kids would take an air rifle out and about to parks and so on and noone thought anything of it. Hell, even when I was fifteen dog walkers would see us prating about with the rubbishy single shot pistols and they would never phone the police. These days though everyone is a tell-tale cunt.

Regardless, the UK government brought in something called the UKARA 'license' which is essentially a bit of a joke pretending to be some sort of official 'firearm' regulation.
So now in the UK, you can buy a 'two-tone' airsoft gun (that is to say that at least 50% of the gun has to be brightly coloured) but you are not able to buy a black or realistically coloured one until you have satisfied to a game site that you intend to use your gun for what it is intended for.

You might think this is all good but the crux of the problem is that if you buy a 'two-tone', there is nothing to stop you from spraying it black. According to some shops (protecting their repeat business) it is illegal to spray them because you are manufacturing a replica firearm. Hmm, kay. On the flip side, if you have obtained a real firearm, you only need to spray half the thing bright orange and if it is spotted in public it will be presumed a fake.

Besides all the UKARA license required for what is essentially a toy gun (airsoft guns) there is still nothing stopping anyone over the age of 18 from going into a shop and buying an all metal realistic, semi-auto air pistol which could kill if you hit something vital. The complete retarded nature of this countries gun laws astounds. I' am in favour of civilian ownership of firearms, but when you have kids being arrested for owning toys we have to say enough is enough!

What may seem comical to most though is one of the new ideas brought out by a company who wants to sell BB guns to the police to use as markers. Read this shit:

Check me out boyz, I'm hard!

Essentially, all it is is an ordinary airsoft gun which fires 'synthetic DNA BB's'. Basically in crowd control situations, an officer is meant to aim and fire at a troublemaker so that they can be identified later. Seriously, I'm not making this up.
Possible issues?

  • A member of the public could be blinded. The bruising left by a shot done at close range could quite easily be contrued as assault with a firearm.
  • In crowds an officer could hit the wrong person. The 'accurate to 40m' as stated by this article is very debatable as someone who uses these airsoft guns regularly.
  • You could change your clothes.
  • You can wash your skin, DNA will come off with Iodine or other solutions.
  • 6mm pellets are incredibly small and the police officer would have to remember where exactly he hit you to find it again.
In short, there is a 99% chance the police will not use these for these reasons, but if they do I bet you any money the Government would then want to see all BB guns banned because they'd essentially be the same tool used by the Police. We'll see.



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