Monday, 10 December 2012

Computer Games Sales Dip

The BBC is reporting that sales in console games has not met its November targets as reported here: 

Its hardly surprising when you consider just how bad the game releases have been.

  •  Call of Duty Modern Black Warfare IV. Same old shit. 
  • Assassins Creed III. Storyline getting pretty tedious by now.
  •  Halo 4. Reprocessed Halo Reach with excessively ridiculous storyline.
  •  Medal of Honor Warfighter. Somehow managed to compress all the bad parts about BF3 and COD into one horribly frustrating shooter that also is shockingly poor even when compared to the last Medal of Honor. 

Until game developers actually start producing some originality again they aren't going to secure record profits. The gravy-train of simply copying whatever made the most amount of money last time doesn't work in the long-term. Save your money kids!

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