Sunday, 6 January 2013

Health Fascism: Nanny Knows Best

These days it seems that you can't even enjoy a cheeseburger if the Government doesn't agree. The latest news reports coming from the UK Government regarding obesity and health in general are nothing short than facism.

On the third of January the BBC ran this report:

Essentially the Government wants to reduce benefits of anyone who is both on the dole and obese. However this rather over-simplified idea doesn't go into details of the cause of obesity and also doesn't explain how fat you have to be before you are believed to be obese.

This is somewhat concerning as it is already known that the drinking 'units' in the UK are actually plucked out of the ether at random. There was an article in the Sunday Times after Christmas which went into this at great length and was written by one of the members who drafted the advice which was later passed onto Government to be enacted as a rule. Fact of the matter is that if the Government decides how fat fat is, then they could presumerably stop benefits for half of the population if they wanted. This is just another way of cutting benefits with some psudo-intellectual backing.

Of course alcohol is different and I would assume it has more to do with taxation and preventing anti-social behavior than it has with any form of health concern in most cases. For instance, I fail to see how I'm labelled a binge drinker for drinking six pints when normally I can go months without touching any tipple whatsoever.

Here is a short article which gives some details about the alcohol units and how it was a load of crap:

Of course I'm sure many of these nobs in office who actually think up these schemes realise that half the reason why many people on benefits are obese in the first place is because half the time it is much cheaper to buy unhealthy pre-packed meals than it is to buy fresh ingredients and make something healthy from scratch. Perhaps therefore, Mr.Cameron, you ought to offer some form of fruit and veg food stamp which invariably would be better and cheaper in the long run than any of the other bizzare ideas.

Then there was this wonderful news:

In a nut shell, the Labour party (maybe they should be renamed the Mary Poppins Party) want to legislate how much fat, sugar and salt is in our food.

In two words: Fuck off.

Despite the failings of common sense and general intelligence in todays society, Im pretty sure that we can still look after ourselves when it comes to choosing what we eat.

Still, even when you can afford to buy all fresh ingredients, it seems that the health nazi's will still come after you.

Celebrity chefs have being slated for having recipes which are more 'unhealthy' than microwaveable meals. Oh, but it goes further.
Some idiots actually want 'unhealthy' recipes only shown after the 9pm watershed, as though it were as offensive as thai ladyboy porn. As hilarious as it may seem for the rest of us, unfortuantely its these kind of idiots without a ounce of common sense or sense of humour who run the world these days.

The main point is missed time and time again: You can eat whatever you want so long as you have a well balanced diet in general and actually have a use for the calories. Calories are made out to be bad thing thats out to make us fat. Its wrong. Calories are what fuel us. The average consumption of calories should be around 2500 for an adult male but that goes up and down according to how much manual work that they do in a day. Saturated fats and salt are the ones to be concerned about, but even then, so long as you lead a generally healthy life style and eat enough vegetables too, there is no problem!

It vexates me to see so much crap given to us as half-truths being taken as gospel by the idiots!

End of the day: Eat what you want. Exercise. Vary what you eat. End of.


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