Sunday, 6 January 2013

Terrifying 22LR Assault Weapons

I think by now if you had any sense whatsoever you'd realise that the vast majority of tabloid journalism was full of shit, but sometimes the odd story comes through which is impossible to simply pass off as being entertainment for spastics.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings where twenty-six people were killed, most of them children, 'The Sun' newspaper in the UK has written an 'investigative' piece on so called 'assault' weapons which are available to purchase in this country. So bad is their article that I just felt I needed to post this to prove how ridiculous it really was.

The article starts saying:
"A Welsh-based firm is advertising a Ruger SR-22 semi-automatic as a “clone” of an AR-15, the gun loner Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people."

Well lets just do a comparison:

Do they look at all similar? No.
The top one is quite clearly a .22 rifle with a tactical aesthetic for a gimmick. The bottom one is clearly the real deal. 

Second paragraph:

"Shocked campaigners are demanding new gun controls after The Sun discovered British 

dealers selling the weapons."

Wow, must have been a very slow news day because you can go on any firearms website and
find these within a few seconds. 
So what is the reason for this article? 

Just more hysterical shit given to us by Murdoch's corporation to make us go running to the 
Government for a solution for a problem which doesn't exist. Every time a shooting happens

 elsewhere in the world the UK looks for even more of an excuse to restrict gun ownership. 

Restricting weapons seldom helps, the criminal will simply find another way of killing and 

someone who is intent on killing indiscriminately will gain access to a firearm somehow.

The BASC (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation) have already logged a complaint with the press complaints commission over The Suns misleading article as have many other shooters but its unlikely to have any real luck.

Meanwhile the UK's ever increasing anti-gun restrictions seems to be going mental. The Scottish Government is now considering licencing for airguns with the banning of backyard plinking apparently justified by the death of a toddler in 2005.


I'm getting so fed up with this countries decent into a dystopian nightmare that I've given up worrying. When this Government finally decides its time to take complete control the people here aren't even intelligent enough to want to resist let alone have the balls to do it. They are all already used to what Nanny says being best. 

Bow and arrow is my bag anyway.

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