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Welcome To The Machine: Neo-Feudalism Is Here

It seems the UK has been utterly and undeniably flanked on all sides by globalist interests, wealthy banking families and corrupt politicians. We are well and truly hemmed in, and if I'm allowed to be completely pessimistic, it seems like there is going to be no escape from the increasing rot that has gripped an entire global civilisation.

Now, you may be thinking I'm a paranoid, thinking negatively and spouting a load of old shit, but look at the continuing trends.

Increasing food prices, reduction of state pensions (whilst increasing how long we work for.) Reduction in wages, (when you take into account value loss in the currency) attack on liberties, attack on judicial process, attack on the right to protest, constant attacks against firearm and weapon ownership. The list goes on and on.

The average citizen doesn't seem much brighter than these.
Put simply, I would say that the UK and all of the other western nations are at the end of their lifespan as a free society and Governments, top banking families and international groups are going in for the kill right now. 
Put simply, we are approaching Neo-feudalism.


That is essentially a bit like fascism, only when you are poor, you are really, really poor.

Examples? There are plenty. Sit back, read and take notice.

Health & Food Fascism

The general problem is that the Government is attempting to reduce the costs of health care with such aggressive and bizzare ideas, that they are likely to cause more problems than they solve. With all the talk of benefit reductions for obese claimants and tax rises and even legislation to get rid of unhealthy food completely, it kind of makes a mockery of us to say that we are still a free society when you cannot even decide what food you eat.

As I have written before: (http://eibsnews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/health-facism-nanny-knows-best.html)

Of course, food prices are set to go up even further than they already have soon as the Government also wants to do something about food wastage.

(Read here: http://eibsnews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/half-worlds-food-wasted.html)
Of course doing anything to legislate either consumers, transporters or food retail outlets to reduce food wastage will invariably lead to higher costs adding even further burden to families in a recession. Whilst I do think something ought to be done with regards to food wastage, perhaps during the middle of a recession isn't the best time to be mucking around with something as important as food.

Ironically, with all the food price increases lately one of the hereditary piers, one Countess Lady Mar made a complete cock up last week when she called for food prices to be increased in order to solve food wastage. What planet do these cretins come from?


Of course there is the usual calls for us to eat locusts or meat grown in vats. Yummy!


Pensioner Abuse

Think you can retire in the near future like our elders did once upon a time? Unless you accumulate a considerable amount of wealth, I wouldn't count on it.

Many people who are just about approaching retirement age now will know full well the level of fuckery the system is able to unleash upon you at a moments notice. Of course I'm referring to that little fact of thievery the previous Government did by raiding the pension pot to bail out bankers and cats so fat they posess their own gravitational influence.

In a previous article, (http://eibsnews.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/work-pensioners-how-bout-no.html) I mentioned how some were even calling for pensioners to work on a voluntary basis for their state pension. Fuck off!

In any case, the whole pension scandal is getting worse and worse, with some now calling for retirement ages to be raised to 70. Of course by the time I'm old enough to retire, being in my mid-twenties, I doubt there will even be a recognisable retirement system. They'll more than likely turn my aging bones in 'Soylent Green' to combat the food crisis. I jest of course, but months back this article came up:

Anyway, moving on.

Even the MOD which has been suffering cut-backs whilst being asked to undertake all manor of illegal resource stealing and corporate murdering have also had their pensions cut back with an increase of servicemen's national insurance contributions. Funtastic.

Possibly the most concerning problem we face is that all folks now have to own a private pension. Now I'm not necessarily against private pensions if you can afford them, but contributing a minimal amount when you are on minimum wage is just taking the piss. By the time you have saved up anything worth having you may as well have not bothered because you can bet your bottom dollar that that money you saved will go against you having any help from the state when you do finally retire.
Essentially you are being fucked over twice by putting that nominal amount aside, and even then, it still gets taxed and the usual cunt suspects get to make interest off of your labour.

Wage Reductions

McDonalds is now in the top ten
companies to work for in the UK.
Desperate times!

If you are lucky enough to have a half decent job the chances are quite high that lately you have received a pay-cut. Of course if you are on minimum wage, chances are you would have realised the occasional national minimum wage increase, which of course is well below rising inflation rates. General theme: wage cuts making us poorer, inflation rates making us poorer, wage cuts makes employee's poorer whilst that influences other firms to pay a less fair wage leading ultimately to a worker class which is happy just to have found work, no matter how degrading the place is to their staff or how chronically awful their wage packets are at the end of the month.

Of course, in the UK and indeed for most of the Western Civilisation, the soft approach towards immigration control has been supported by both the hardline socialists, and centre-right conservatives and has had a knock on effect with regards to the jobs and labour markets.

Ultra-left are of course useful idiots used through proxy organisations to fuel a wider push towards globalisation which the capitalist center-right folk then use to make huge amounts of money. Easy peasy.
The whole idea that immigration was 'good for our economy' was of course complete bullshit. Its implementation had a few reasons, but one of the main reasons was to control the job markets and reduce overall labour costs. Flooding a country with thousands of workers who will do a days wage the rest of us wouldn't entertain forced us into the situation where today people will fight for a McMoron job flipping burgers.

Of course the other reason was to inundate the population with foreign cultures as to water down our cultural traditions leading us more naturally towards both the EU and world Government. 

Don't believe me? Read for yourself.

Legal Rights

Obviously, if you know anything about the EU, you will know what its European system of law is currently doing to our British Common Law based legal system. Well, it fucked it, essentially.

Our legal system in the UK was the jewel of our society, our Bill of Rights influenced the American Constitution and was the major base for all other anglo free societies. It was the basic promise that a subject would not be subjected to threats of intimidation or charged without fair trial. England even banned the use of torture in 1640 because it was common sense that a man with immense pain placed upon him would ultimately end up confessing to anything just to get the torturer to stop.

Then again, with America the so called 'home of the free' using Guantanamo Bay, and the former Libyan regime so willing to offer their services as interrogators, Britain doesn't really have a need to have its own in-house torturers.

Of course with the European system marching in over the years we now have fixed penalty notes, on-the-spot trials, trials without jury, and daily threats coming from all forms of authority both in person and in state propaganda. In fact, just today it was suggested that criminals should not be provided QC (or as it boils down to it, experienced) solicitors.


Of course the outrage here is that there is apparently no presumption of innocence anymore with any criminal case.
Still this story seems to remind me of a certain line out of the film 'Lethal Weapon':

Then there is the problem with the internet being the first place the police trawl through to claim victims...I mean convictions. The latest one was a bloke who posted up videos of beheadings on Facebook:

Do I agree with posting up sick videos? No. Do I think someone should have to do five years because it may offend someone? Erm, no definitely not. It takes all sorts in life, and just because someone seems to have unhealthy obsession with gore I should hope a judge would not have gone postal like this and ruined someones life for it. Oh, the charge was 'Encouraging Terrorism', apparently.

Of course with other things such as protests all but banned it seems that our fundamental right to fair trial and freedom of expression is pretty much dead. Think this moot point as everyone acknowledges this fact at least.

Attacking The Vulnerable

One of the things said to give an accurate highlight of a societies morality is to look at how well a societies most vulnerable are looked after.

Shockingly, the Conservative cut backs against incapacity benefits is leaving many people in extreme poverty and in many cases terribly humiliated. I'm not usually one to mention human rights because I feel they very often get used to justify our own enslavement, but in the case of these sickening stories I believe something ought to be done right now to sort out these injustices.


One of the many stories tells of how a woman was told she could return to work despite having incontinence. Now I'm not a legal expert but I'm pretty sure that this one does breach human rights laws on the grounds of public humiliation. You could hardly expect someone to work in an office whilst fouling themselves in front of colleagues. It would destroy even the strongest of souls.


With the Government paying private companies on the basis that the company is given an objective to cut back on disability claimants, people are unfairly being told that they are to return to work when quite clearly they are not. The people who do the assessments are not even medically trained and the stress and hardship this is putting individuals under has led to inexcusable deaths of late. Some through people returning to work when they shouldn't, and some even through suicide as they feel their situation is so hopeless.

Of course disabled people aren't the only ones resorting to taking their own lives, a surge in depression and a spike in suicide rates has been plaguing not only the UK but the US and other Western countries too, with it mostly being young adults doing this.



In a society where young people are not able to afford their own homes, and are unable to find meaningful employment which will support them in independence - and where there is no support to turn to with a complete break up of cultural values and societal cohesion, it is no wonder suicide rates are rising. Times are tough, but when there is nowhere to turn to to find a comforting shoulder to cry on, and with debts rising with no long term prospects, its no surprise.


Of course the fact that education for a long time has simply been a basic requirement to get a populace to be just intelligent and informed enough to work and pay taxes is no secret. However recent suggestions are somewhat taking the piss. 

There are considerations to let schools make a profit for shareholders.

Which is no surprise considering that school now has to run mandatory up to the age of 18 and that some of these schools are not places of learning at all and are operating as sweat shops.

Apprenticeships could be great for a kid to get into, but of course, they could also be uninspiring, underpaid and deadend nightmares. Lady luck therefore will dictate which kids get the most out of this set up, and which ones grow up to be resentful and left under equipped for later life. They already tried this back in the 70's, and it mostly failed the first time, though there were isolated success stories. 

Right To Defend Oneself


Of course in the UK it is already practically illegal to defend yourself, loved ones and your property, and even more 'wrong' to use a firearm to do for those ends. It is of course interesting to note that in anglo-saxon times, any of the free folk were allowed to carry with them a scramaseax (short-sword to you and I) at all times. It was only the people considered slaves who could not own a weapon and the punishment for a non-freeman owning or possessing a weapon was usually a public beating.

Of course these days we are slightly more 'cultured' then them days, so we no longer have to endure the public beating, but we do still suffer the abuse of a society who places the rights of criminals above the right of citizens to defend themselves and their homes.

Even our ex-MOD personnel are arrested for owning a handgun, and in the case of the article below ex-SAS members no less:

I tend to hold the view that the Government does actually see us all as slaves these days, and therefore being common peasants we are not given the rights to defend ourselves and property because, well because quite frankly in a broad scheme of things we don't own anything, meerly borrow it from the Government for a while. (Look up who actually owns your car and who gets an estate if noone leaves a will after death, etc.)

I'm not going to argue gun crime statistics and whether they should or should not be in the hands of civilians, that is far from the remit of this article - but ask yourself, in a free society would you have to justify why you needed a pen knife in your pocket if you were stopped and searched by your local bobby?

Now with the ongoing push to disarm America too, things look pretty bleak. Of course America is a different ball game altogether, but you have to ask whether this sudden change in their political view is less down to protecting children and more down to the UN's international disarmament policy.



 Of course, I haven't covered anywhere close to the amount of examples available to show of how the standard of living in the West is dropping substantially, but given that this article is scratching just the surface I think we ought to seriously look at what we as a collective are doing to stop things getting any worse. Any of you out there who are under the illusion that shit hasn't already hit the fan need to wake up. We are up to our knees in the muck already, we just need to make sure they don't rub our faces in it for good measure.

Better get used to is I guess...

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