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Gender-Bending Chemicals

Before I begin this article, Id just like to point out that I'am in no way an expert in biology or in hormone development, the last thing I'd want to do is trivialise this information as it is extremely serious in nature and effects every single person living in the western world. Therefore I think it apt that the information stand for itself.

This article may seem a bit of a cop-out in that it is essentially a list of links, but I fear that someone such as myself, an obscure blogger, attempting to write in a matter-of-fact way on a subject which seems too serious to be taken notice of in todays world, will be ignored.

Many people who read the 'alternative news' will know these facts very well already, some who read mainstream papers or watch the main news channels may have a fair idea given recent news reports, but the severity of the situation is definately not being taken seriously by the main news or world Governments either.

If you have no idea what Im talking about then you have some homework to catch up on. The subject: EDC's. Still don't know what Im talking about?

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. To you and I, chemicals put in packaging, plastics and birth control which have been fucking up humans fertility, health and thinking capacity for more than fifty years, chemicals which seem likely to blame for a plethera of issues humanity is now dealing with.

At this point I shall commence the link barrage:

Recently, the main news outlets in the West seem to have begun highlighting the effects of and the dangers of chemicals such as BPA and birth control. Here is an example from the Telegraph in the UK, which goes on to give very general information.
And the BBC:

Independant medical journal which deals with Genetics and stem cell research:

Even the NHS has had to cover the basics on the subject:

So apart from fertility, what else do these chemicals potentially play havoc with? Child Obesity Shortened lifespan in men. Neurological/Learning disorders Autism

BPA, a chemical found in most plastics including food packaging, drinking bottles etc is the main source of these hormone effecting chemicals, but it is not the only one.
Another problem which has already begun to endanger marine life is the existance of large amounts of esotrogen in the waterways from contraceptive pills.
The following articles highlight this:
(A science paper in PDF format with source references.)

You will see that most of the articles I've posted here (and there are many, many more available if you search the internet) are from the last few years, and you wouldn't be considered naive to think that because of this fact, the information must be new right?

Well you are wrong, unfortunately. On the UK Government website there is a science report, clear as day and available for anyone to download and read which goes into all these details:

Its has sat on the UK Parliament website since 1998, and states figures and information found as far back as the late 1800's. I must therefore ask why, given that this information must be by now be painfully obvious, why legislation either from the WHO, the EU or the UK Government hasn't entirely banned these chemicals from any product which may come into contact with either drinking water or food?

Heres the point at which you may be permitted to apply your tin-foil hat, if you feel the need.
Of course this could be pure speculation, but maybe all these side effects are not only ignored by the powers that be, but in reality are the desired effect.

Consider all these things highlighted on the UK paper from 1998:

Consider all these things. Autism cases are rising at an alarming rate, male fertility is decreasing at an alarming rate, female fertility is also cause for concern, general IQ seems at least on the surface to be getting worse, and not inline with the idea that poor IQ is because of the poor education we are all given these days (although that is also a cause.)
Neurological disorders seem higher these days, even things like migraines which never used to be that common amongst the general population but now practically everyone suffers with them. Consider the exponential increase over the years of breast and testicular cancer, things which were incredibly rare becoming almost the norm.
Consider how effeminate the average young male is these days, and how homosexuality seems to be increasing amongst both sexes (and thats not a dig at homosexuals, it is merely an observation that general trends may be due to chemical changes we are unaware of.)
Boys dress like girls these days and tend to prefer to go into town and do some shopping rather than do the traditional boyish pursuits such as building dens etc.
Consider how quickly girls mature these days, whilst I don't want to incriminate myself (lol) it is a general observation that girls seem to become sexually mature at a much younger age these days.
Of course these are all observations that I have made, and being in my mid-twenties, it hardly gives me the authority to speak of the 'good-ol-days'. That been said, even in my short time here on Earth, I have seem some pretty radical changes in how the two sexes generally behave and regard each other. That is not to say that I have not also picked up some of these traits without realising it, we are if nothing else often nothing more than the result of our environments, but with all of the above as evidence, I doubt there are many chances that all these things occuring at once are a coincidence.

If the powers that be ever wanted a docile, easily led society of morons who are less inclined and able to breed (so to reduce the global population, an agenda which is highlighted in the news every day in the news for past decade at least) then BPA and chemicals like it would be the way to do it. This is not in the realms of conspiracy anymore, either this is being done deliberately, or they are happy to use this to their advantage. We already see evidence of forced sterilsation in the developing world by Western nations, this fact is not even disbuted, why would stealth sterilsation be any less calculated?

Video: RT Article on UK Population Control.
(General article on the subject of foreign sterilisation.)

We need to try and stop this as soon as possible. This is not only dangerous for us as a species but is also effecting every other species we come into contact with. I'm not going to say that I do not believe that over-population is an issue, but it has to be fought with education, not biological weapons.

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