Thursday, 6 September 2012

Space Whiskey!

I was tempted to post this story with the 'Space Sugar' story to save me time, espeically since they are both space related, but I (obviously) decided against it

Why? Well, to be honest no other reason except to highlight the complete retardness of humanity sometimes.

Im sure anyone out there with some form of frontal lobe, (save for those who have been lobotised for their own safety) will recognise just how expensive space flight is. Not just financially of course, but as a species, as life as a whole, we are kind of using up our resources rather quickly, and you could argue that our window of opportunity to break free of this shrinking planet is fast reaching a peak.

So it may dismay those of you with half a brain that Ardbeg Scotch Whiskey has been given permission by the Soyuz team to launch into orbit, vials of Scotch whiskey for the purpose of, quote: "explain the workings of these large, complex molecules and help uncover new information about the change they undergo in a near zero gravity environment."


Seriously. I may generally be a pessimist, but shit like this really does make me doubt the 'intelligent life' status man has so modestly bestowed himself.

Next we'll be sending Brawndo into space to test what zero-G does to the electrolites.

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