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Hellfire Club: Occultist Forerunners

It is indeed odd. If you suggest you believe in current politicians being involved in dark occultist practices and secret societies your ideas are almost immediately thrown into the realms of a madmans, yet look back at the history books and you'll find that not only is it suggested, but that it is backed by fact too.

I'am of course refering to 'The Hellfire Club', or the 'Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe', a group of wealthy politicians who met together in a cave complex in Wycombe which was deliberately mined to leave purposeful chambers, but we'll get on to that in a bit.
It would be easy for me to simply rewrite what wikipedia says, but instead let us examine the symbology behind the complex up at Wycombe because without a basic understanding the rest will make little sense.

An aerial view of Wycombe, the cave entrance is highlighted by the red (A).
Approaching from the nearby town, as you travel along a perfectly straight road towards the Hellfire Caves, you are greeted with a grand spectacle of the Mausoleum which stands on top of a high hill. In the image beside, you can see the Mausoleums six sided shape with an altar like stand in the dead centre. Just behind the Mausoleum is the local church which fashions a very unusual decoration on the spire. Affixed at the top is a very large golden sphere which is about as untypical of an English church as you can get.

Mausoleums wall is just visible at the front with the golden sphere on St.Laurence's Church behind.

Is the 'occult' golden sphere the inspiration behind the
 Apple of Eden in Assasins Creed?
Before I go on, I must say that I do not believe that every bit of entertainment and fiction is somehow a way of conveying secret messages or providing propaganda - but think for a second about the church's golden sphere. In every work of fiction you come across the idea of a golden sphere, or orb, is used to describe hidden information or transended intellect. It is essentially a bragging right by the world leaders who believe themselves more educated then the average peasant.
The church and Mausoleum were the idea of Francis Dashwood who among many things was a British politician in the mid-seventeen-hundreds and the creator of the Society Of Dilettanti (which was essentially an Italian themed drinking club) and the Hellfire Club. He was also responsible for the cave complex underneath the Mausoleum and church however, and it is this which we should draw our attention to.

Firstly, lets just explain that the arguement for the creation of the caves in the first place was for the extraction of chalk for the main London Road out of town. Even though the chalk probably was used for that purpose, it doesn't explain why the map of the cave complex is so, well complex. The image above shows (out of scale) the different sections. We will explore from the entrance to the end what we encounter.
To the left is the grand main entrance which looks more like the grand opening to a catacombe than a chalk mine.

Continuing on inside we come to two small coves inside where presumably it is not completely out of the question to beleive some form of martial sat as some form of security for the club inside. The second cove is said to have housed the remains of deceased members before they were buried. Strangely though some of the members were so devoted to the club that they left their hearts with a sum of money to the club of which were left inside urns. From an occult perspective it would seem that they perhaps had given their very soul to the club and therefore the heart belonged to the organisation, not to themselves. The idea of leaving an internal organ to a friend for any non-ritual reason is frankly non-existant.

Next is the Franklin cave (names after the American politician who frequented the group on his stays in England) a kind of pillared cross-hatch design which serves little purpose other than to confuse newcomers in the dark. I have a theory that this may have some form of ritualistic symbology in the copulation of sex, but this is purely speculation. Next you come to a small indent in the left hand side known as the childrens cave. Not sure if this was actually where children were kept by the group or whether the name was given later on after the caves were given to local kids to play in after the break up of the Hellfire Club.

The next section is quite spectacular. It is a huge bell-shaped banqueting hall with various cut outs in the wall, one would presume for musicians or 'adult-entertainment'. There is also a path which leads around the main hall to allow access deeper into the caves without the need to interupt those inside the main hall. The image to the right shows the cut outs in the walls and the main hall. The roof is much higher than the photo allows you see and is a grand spectacle and a real technical miracle for the times. It is likely that the large rounded shape of the roof and circular room is a symbol of the pregnant mother.

The next part is where it begins to get even weirder. There is a random fork in the main tunnel which leads back into the same tunnel once again in a triangular shape. There seems no reason for this at all and serves no logical function so therefore we must assume that the shape itself is important. This shape is however uniform throughout the symbology of the world, all triangle and diamond shapes refer to one thing: A vagina. It is therefore not completely ridiculous to assume that there was the idea or ritual use of birth or rebirth going on inside the tunnels. In all fairness the likelihood of sex rites would also provide even further evidence of these facts.

Further still and you come to the weirdest feature in the whole cave, weirder still the name that the organisation gave for it. In an opened out part of the tunnel you come to an underground river dubbed 'The Styx'. The river Styx is a very important occult symbol, it is the river we are said to cross to the otherworld, otherside or afterlife. It is the Styx we supposedly cross in those cute cartoons where you see the souls of the departed rowing to the other side, and it is the ferryman we pay with coins traditionally left on the eyes of the deceased.

Having crossed the river, you come to a cave known as the 'Inner Temple', that is to say a smallish chamber which is located directly beneath the St Laurence church above, and where presumably although highly likely, that the 'immoral acts' with 'women of good humour' took place. It is essentially a place where the educated laughed at and gave a big 'fuck you' to the social taboo's at the time, with the added ritual power of the 'so below, as above' with the church located directly above their heads.

Going back through the cave again we get a definate theme. Sex, nourishment in the womb, birth, death and finally immoral acts in hell, hence the name of the club.

So finally, who were these people? Well prominent British politicians and nobility at the time as well as Benjamin Franklin who ironically despite being a sexual deviant supported a virtueous, religious America.

When we consider these facts and concur that these events must have transpired since they are well documented and out in the open for tourists to view - we have to ask, are the 'conspiracy theories' surrounded places such as Bohemiem Grove that unbelievable? Do we dupe ourselves into the idea that only people in the renaissance were into this sort of thing, or should we begin to question exactly what the world leaders are up to on unofficial meets?

Take on board the symbology here because it is a great indicator of their way of thinking. Just to clarify, I'm not a Christian. In fact I'm a Pagan, but I find these kind of behaviors bizzare just like any other Christian or Atheist, not to mention incredibly hypocritical considering they are 'supposed' to be the whiter than white examples.

Just to prove Im not talking shit, look through the links for yourself.

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It would be easy for me to give links from so called 'conspiracy theorists' but the fact of the matter is that all these facts speak for themselves. Our leaders are simply the same breed of power hungry psychopaths. It takes a real idiot to read through the facts and still call people who come up with the logical answers 'conspiracy theorists'.

I deliberetely did not go into details about members and modern equivalents because that is when people who have little interest or knowledge about the subject begin to doubt you and think you are a crazy bastard. If you give the links as evidence from fairly respected sources, you needn't worry about being called a nutter.


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