Thursday, 25 October 2012

More Derps In Space!

So once again our best scientists are working on the most complex scientific problems humanity faces. This challenge trumps the story I already covered of: What does whiskey brewed in space taste like? (

In any case, this is the most difficult experiment to reconstruct and therefore required to actually send a phone into space to test the hypothesis. The question? Can someone hear you scream in space?

You seriously cannot make this shit up. They are sending a mobile phone into space, strapped to a satellite, in order to test whether sounds which are played on it can be picked up in space in a vacuum.

Erm? Why? Surely students intelligent enough to gain entry into Cambridge university will realise that you don't need to send anything into space to actually do this experiment. Have these kids never heard of those rooms which can create a vacuum? Seriously, Im going to have a hard job trusting anything these future scientists come up with in the future.

That been said, sometimes it is cool to see something utterly random sent into the edge of space! But please don't make out there is a scientific reason to do so!

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