Sunday, 28 October 2012

Facebook Issue? Use a fake name!

Sometimes you get the odd public servant that actually says something which is true or helpful, and usually those few politicians are tarnished and kept down by the rest of the plebian cunts who feed off each others inane ramblings.

Andy Smith who is an internet security chief at the Cabinet Office for Parliament has publicly stated that people should only use their real details on well known and trusted websites and should use fake names and details for unknown or less-trusted ones. Seems legit and solid advice to me and the vast majority of others who actually understand how the internet works, oh except some politicians take an issue with this.

Quoting from the BBC story, "his advice was described by Labour MP Helen Goodman as "totally outrageous".

Ms Goodman, shadow culture minister, told BBC News: "This is the kind of behaviour that, in the end, promotes crime.

"It is exactly what we don't want. We want more security online. It's anonymity which facilitates cyber-bullying, the abuse of children.

"I was genuinely shocked that a public official could say such a thing."

Oh of course. This is all to do with protecting the children, isn't it. Sorry, I didn't realise. Hold on a second though. If there were more anonymity, surely noone would be able to find your childs Facebook account if they had a random name, noone can bully someone when they don't know who they are.

Keep internet anonymous! The next step
will be thought crime lists if we are
not careful!
This is not the sort of thing which promotes crime at all Ms Goodman you fucking stupid cow, its the exact opposite. It stops dodgy sites and people from securing data about an individual. If you are someone selling something online which you shouldn't be, or online specifically to commit a crime or cause crime then you aren't going to be using your real name either way. Besides if you politicians are all experts in bloody cyber-crime then why did you need to employ an internet security chief in the first place? Let the guy do his job.

Of course some sites such as Facebook and in particular Google which now hoardes your personal data like no other company (in fact with this blog I had to change to my real name because some turd reported my fake name) demands we use our real details, in the case of Google even suspending services until you provide a real name or provide ID to prove your suspected fake name is indeed your legally held name. Its a slippery slope we are on. The politicians may think this new digital weapon they can use on the public is a good idea, but it cuts both ways. Good cyber-criminals can gain access to anyones information they want if they really have a desire to.

This is just another indication of the direction they want to take the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if the next step in cyber-security won't involve some form of passport system. Enjoy the internet whilst you can, its days as a free exchange of ideas and commerce are almost over.

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