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Work The Pensioners: How Bout No!

I am sure most in the UK will already be aware of the fact that the age at which you can retire went up last year, a trend which in all likelihood will continue for my generation until our limp bodies are dragged off of the factory line and used to make delicious soylent green.

 The future looks even more bleak when you consider all the middle aged workers still working at the moment who have had their private pensions raped by the state for the past decade. Still, these days you don't even have an option to opt out of a private pension anymore.
Which Im sure will provide brilliant little treasures for the politicians to pillage with their banking friends when the next bout of bailouts is needed when the banks fail again (which lets be honest is hardly unforseeable.)

Apparently the IMF is also warning Britain that we should continue to raise the retirement age:

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that these latest UK retirement amendments are actually part and parcel of a larger UN or at least EU directive, but that remains to be be seen, at least openly.

So the latest in a long line of attacks on the elderly is from one Lord Bitchard (sorry, Bichard.)

This guy, who presumably having gotten to a high political status as a professional politician has lived a comfortable life without the worries of how one will pay rising food or fuel bills is advocating that the younger pensioners should have to do voluntary work for their state pensions.
Sorry, what? So lets get this straight; These folk work hard throughout their lives, they pay their tax on their income, a small amount of which goes towards social security. For most working class people they scrimp, they save, they live their lives with the inexorable worries over their finances because of the unfair tax system. When you near retirement age they are told that they need to work for longer as per the new 'pension ammendments' on retirement age. Now this idiot Bichard who has likely never done a decent days work in his life is suggesting that in order to claim the pension you are owed from fifty-odd years of paying taxes that they ought to do compulsory unpaid work in order to have it paid to them. A pension which they pay tax on, again (why do we tax benefits anyway, its the most retarded system ever devised.)

Two words for the right honourable gentleman: Fuck you!

Can we have some intelligent debate please? ├×anks.

Here is just one suggestion for you retards in Government offices who seem to enjoy coming out the most ridiculous solutions for simplistic issues.

Obviously the ageing population in the UK (and the Western world in general) is an issue, but once again we see Governments dodging the real causes for these problems. We know for a fact that if it wasn't for immigration into the UK, the population would actually be decreasing. Yes, that may have short term economical problems, but the short term problems could have been solved with careful and fair plans for temporary foreign workers (in an alternate universe where the UK hadn't already been practically invaded by foreigners.)  As it stands, the indigenous white population of the UK (and Europe) will cease to be a majority in the next century. Whether you see the idea of race or cultural ethnicity being important isn't the issue, the fact is that if the population was falling right now our young may have had a chance to get into employment in a forever shrinking job market (due of course to British companies shipping them off to places such as China and India.)

So as it stands our youngsters are currently finding it very difficult to find work because of the lack of jobs, (and the competition from cheaper, more experienced foreign labourers.) Of course any jobs they do find are usually dead-end, low skilled and pay a minimum wage. (A minimum wage which these days is actually not worth working for with living expenses so high, but I digress.) Of course, you could argue that most of the social decay in the UK comes from the lack of confidence about their futures, and this results in a breach of trust from young people and the rest of society. (This is going somewhere, so bare with me...)

Putting The Pieces Together

At the moment practically every job that is posted up on the Internet is done so via an employment agency. Unless you are a professional worker who just wants some temporary work as a locum, nobody wants to work for employment agencies. They are parasites. They leech off of the real workers in this country by charging premium rates to the companies who use their services so they can have the ability to get rid of workers at a moments notice, whilst they pay the workers themselves a pittance. Having being unemployed and in a desperate situation myself in the past I have also realised that they misadvertise jobs in their windows and websites as a way of getting more potential workers signed up on their books for them to use and abuse (and then usually not contact again for two or three weeks.)

There are thousands of young people out of work because they can't find work, lack the skills or confidence to do so or because they realise that work just really isn't worth it when you are taxed to point which feels worse than it is being on benefits. At the end of 2011, 8% ( of 16-18 year olds were unemployed and not in education. I don't think I'd be wrong to say that these statistics hide many aspects, and that if you were to look at unemployment of under 25's, they would make up the largest slice of the unemployment figures.

Then there is the 'Jobcentre Plus' itself.
The jobcentre likes to pretend its this fantastic service run by the Government which helps people get back into work but lets not forget that the jobcentre is a private company sub-contracted out by the Government, it wouldn't do for it to actually help its 'customers' (yes they actually call jobseekers customers) out of unemployment. What it really is is a glorified dole office, a way of keeping people down, sucking your soul out through your left nostril because I guarantee you, once you have been there and have been degraded and spoken down to by their incompetant and unhelpful staff, you will never quite be the same again. (Resentful much? Maybe a bit.) The crux of the issue here is that unemployed people get very little help from the organisations and resources that are meant to be made available, a problem which further ascerbates social (and individuals mental) problems.

Of course newcomers to the country can also enjoy the UK's brilliant benefits system:

So here is the eureka moment. If you have read the article even vaguely you may have already come up with same solution, but here you go anyway.

Pensioners need not work for nothing to claim a pension they are entitled to and have paid into over the course of their lives. Youngsters need not be unemployed for years at a time, twiddling their thumbs whilst the workers of the country support their Xbox, alchohol and crack addictions.
All that needs to happen are these steps in order:

  1. Ban non-professional job agencies.
  2. Deport all non-essential migrant workers, deport illegal immigrants and put a stop to all migrants receiving any form of benefit.
  3. Change the jobcentre from a dole office to what its meant to be, (a JOBcentre.) Allocate temporary work contracts out to unemployed people as a free service to business who need short-term workers. Work can also be best allocated and shared out as best as they can be throughout all the unemployed people, and also makes a hell of a lot of economic sense too in reduced labour costs for the local companies themselves.
  4. Provide paid training to these so called 'Neets', so that they can gain skills required for entering the work force.
If there were much fewer foreign workers then they'd be more jobs open. If there were more jobs open more of our unemployed could get out of the benefits cycle (along with reduced taxes.) If more unemployed people came off of benefits that'd mean that there was more money to go pensioners. Which means they wouldn't have to retire early. In fact, you could argue that with the high levels of young unemployment, earlier retirement may be more beneficial for society.

Of course, this is all idealism. And this country is always the other end of ideal. Please let me know what you think of this situation in the comments!

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