Thursday, 4 October 2012

This All Smells Fishy

The BBC is well known for its zealous support of the 'anthropogenic global warming' theory, and this fact is reflected constantly by its Science correspondance. Usually the general public has little to no clue how to interpret the facts and so a large majority simply believe what they are told, however occasionally you get stories so ridiculous, so outrageously wrong that something makes you stand up and shake your head in hysterics.

As the title of this story suggests, the BBC ran a story at the end of September about how fish in the seas were likely to shrink "by up to 24% because of global warming".

This entire presumption is based on the idea that warmer seas therefore means more carbon dioxide in the water, and the shrinkage in fish populations would be down to a lack of oxygen, but this doesn't even begin to make sense.

In the past the planet has been alot warmer than it presently is and when you look at the kind of creatures that prospered in those times then these facts simply do not add up. During the eras of the dinosaur, usually cold-blooded reptiles which eventually grew to the size of the average house generally lived on a planet so warm that there was an absence of polar ice. Whilst perhaps you cannot include land animals in the equation as they are talking about marine life, consider these:

Sharks (thats fish to all you people unversed in marine biology) who grew to between twenty five and thirty metres long in times which were largely tropical and then who were extinct by the time the climate became its more recognisable 'modern' temperate temperature. This of course is not proof in itself, but look back at any time in the past where warm and wet weather was the global norm and you will usually find a correllation with larger creatures and greater diversity in general.

So where did this story come from? Another one of those phony science journals which mis-guides the public by chopping up data to suit an agenda. You know, same as AmericanScientific, NewScience etc, magazines which spout shit they later refute the week later with new data.

Still on the Yahoo site they try and con you with the heartstrings by showing a nice picture of a pod of dolphins:
Who of course are mammals incase you suffer with some learning difficulty and therefore do not need to breath water.

This wasn't the only bit of fishy news in the past few weeks though

The main tabloids had to backtrack last month after posting a ridiculous stories about there only been a hundred mature Cod left in the North Sea. (The Sunday Times site has since changed the article address to an apology.)

In actual fact, recent fishing quotas have actually led to a rise in fish stocks in British waters. It shows that we can occasionally get the environment management done properly, but it seems odd that our completely professional and well-read journalists would get such an important story wrong...

The BBC and the Government have since corrected the media's apparent inaptitude in reading scientific data correctly.

Just remember: Everything is bullshit!

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